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Online Backup
Virtual office
ZEROFAIL LiveDesktop is the premier hosted desktop solution
Hosted Desktop Solution
Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity
Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity
Complete Business Solutions

Complete Business Solutions

Online Backups Solution
Online Backups Solution

Some call LiveDesktop the very best in cloud computing, virtual office, remote desktop or managed services. Our clients just call it amazing.

For a low monthly fee, you can enjoy an ultra-fast, ultra-secure turnkey hosted desktop solution that eliminates your need to buy and maintain hardware and software.

With LiveDesktop, any internet enabled device becomes your secure portal to an ultra-fast service hub.

You can access your virtual IT system from anywhere at any time and enjoy immediate access to all of your favorite applications, tools, files, emails and critical data.

Visit LiveDesktop website for more details

Your mission critical processes demand lightning fast, business-grade Internet access that never stops functioning due to Internet link failures.

From low cost ADSL to high volume fiber links with transfer speeds ranging from 3.0Mbps to a blistering 10 Gbps.,
ZEROFAIL's rock solid network optimizes flexibility, scalability and large capacity.

Our Fibroptix division offers the best quality and price for fiber links in Quebec.

Over 400 buildings in the Greater Montreal Area now have access to 10 Mbps fiber for less than the price of a 1.5 Mbps T1.

Visit Fibroptix website for more details

We host some of North America's biggest websites. Whether you need to host multiple websites or database intensive applications, ZEROFAIL has your ideal solution.

Driven by the best managed hosting products and technical team in the industry, we provide robust, award-winning solutions for both Linux and Windows platforms.

Visit Hosting website for more details

ZEROFAIL’s Online Backup effortlessly eliminates the two leading causes of critical data loss: human error and the failure of physical media..

With Online Backup, you can effectively manage your key data 24/7 from anywhere. Your data is automatically encrypted and sent to our backup servers daily via the Internet.

You pay only for the storage you need and you can expand your scalable online backup solution to grow with your business

Visit Online Backups website for details


The ZEROFAIL SmartScan
Most IT vendors lock you into a long term commitment before they understand who you are and what you need. The failure rate of this approach is high. At ZEROFAIL we spend time to understand your business, your context, your needs, your vision, and your capabilities. We'll custom architect a modular, incremental, and tailored solution that works for you, today, and tomorrow. What is there that works we'll keep, what is missing we'll fulfill, what is strong we'll build on, what is weak we'll improve. With you; for you.


How it works
We'll send one of our engineers to your facilities to perform an analysis. Once
the analysis is complete, ZEROFAIL
will present you with a report that
summarizes your current and
planned infrastructure status.
This snapshot of your systems will outline your reality:
what is urgent
what needs to be planned
what is truly relevant to your business needs and processes.
We provide you with valuable information and only you will decide what have to be done and by whom.

True freedom!
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3445 Du Parc
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2H6
T: 514.848.9198
276 King Street West
Suite 103
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1J2
T: 416.800.4209
405 Lexington Avenue
25th Floor
New York, NY
T: 212-796-5853
Monday to friday between the hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm EST.
Toll free: 1.888.460.3245

Experience the ZEROFAIL advantage today.

Winner of Microsoft's prestigious
IMPACT Award for "Best Networking
Infrastructure of the Year"

Twice recognized by PROFIT magazine's
HOT 50 list as one of Canada's
top emerging growth companies.

Microsoft Certified Hosted Desktop Impact Award
Profit Award
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