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Cutting costs and increasing productivity will improve margins, but many companies find this is difficult to do in the context of their IT infrastructure. Here is one smart way to enhance productivity in your IT department.

Email communications. Research. Centralized IT infrastructure hosting. Online backups. Web services and ecommerce. Today, more and more companies are becoming reliant on their internet access to perform their basic business and administration functions.

Let’s take for example a Web design firm (although the following is applicable to most industries). Most Web design firms work and design directly on the Web and this can be a major strain on an Internet connection and bandwidth. Many organizations find this out the hard way only after they expand their business and staff and then start receiving complaints about slow internet connectivity, long wait times for slow loading pages and poor service.

One of our Web design clients determined that their pages took an average of 8.5 seconds to load. They initially felt this was acceptable until they calculated that each of their staff members opened over 130 pages every day. This meant that each of their 25 employees was wasting an average of 18 minutes each day and the company was losing 7.5 hours of productivity daily. Put another way, their slow bandwidth was costing the company the productivity of one full time employee. Financially, the loss of revenue due to these 8-second page loads amounted to about $8,662 each month (based on $55/hour rates for 21 days/month).

ZEROFAIL analyzed the situation and identified that main problem was slow upload speed. The company was sending an incredible amount of data over FTP and email and it was slowing down their connectivity.

To solve the problem, we installed a 10x10 Mbps fiber optic-link that was 20 times faster than their previous connection. Average page load times dropped from 8 seconds to 0.5 seconds. The solution saved the company 6.5 hours per day of waiting time and increased productivity to the point where an extra $7,854 could be billed each month.  The company even kept their former link for redundancy.

Over the course of a few weeks, clients started receiving deliverables ahead of schedule and customer service and satisfaction improved. The management team recognized that they would be able to take on additional mandates without hiring additional staff and their sales team was able to generate higher revenues.

This is a basic example of the kind of advantages and benefits that ZEROFAIL delivers every day. For most companies with above-average internet usage, an upgrade in Internet connectivity almost always automatically translates in an increase in productivity and a significant ROI.


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