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Online backup: You’re either prepared for disaster or inviting serious trouble

Natural disasters. Human error. Theft. Viruses. Power surges. Accidents and equipment failures. If you are among those who firmly believe that data disaster only happens to other people and companies, we apologize in advance for breaking your bubble.

Each year, 1 in 4 computer users suffers a loss of critical data and the number of people affected by data loss worldwide is expected to more than double this year. Data loss currently costs North American businesses over $12 billion each year. Of companies that lose their data, 60% go out of business within 6 months and 90% of those left standing fail within two years.

No need to worry if you have that trusty on-site backup system, right? Not so fast. More than 70% of companies that fail to regularly test their on-site backups find malfunctions after doing so. With the challenging demands of everyday business, few companies have the time to handle their backups properly and store them securely offsite.

Fortunately, it is easy to ensure that the future of your organization will never be endangered by the loss of the critical data that drives your processes, productivity and success. Lasting peace of mind can be found through ZEROFAIL’s Online Backup.

Online Backup is a centralized online solution that effortlessly eliminates the two leading causes of critical data loss: human error and the failure of physical media. With Online Backup, you can effectively manage your key data 24/7 from anywhere. Your data is automatically encrypted and sent to our backup servers daily via the Internet. It makes administration, storage and recovery of vital data cost-effective, organized and really, really easy for any person you grant authorization to.

Given the expense, efforts and headaches associated with on-site alternatives, it is no wonder that Online Backup is so popular. It is like having a 24/7 insurance policy against data disaster, downtime, lost business opportunities, customer dissatisfaction and the need to recreate countless hours of work at a very high price. To learn more, visit


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