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How Quebec is slowly becoming the mecca of data centers

As the cost of energy and demand for greener IT solutions steadily increase, so does Quebec’s status as the preeminent location for effective data centers. The reason? Cost-effectiveness related to the three main factors that significantly impact expenses in all data centers: electricity, physical space and bandwidth.

In any data center, server power and cooling systems drive the bulk of electricity costs. Thanks to hydroelectricity, Quebec offers some of the cheapest and greenest electricity available worldwide and combines it with a reliable network.

The cost of physical space depends on the value of land and real-estate in any city. Fortunately, Quebec still has some of the most inexpensive land and real estate prices in North-America. Unlike data centers in other locations, most Quebec providers do not have to pass on the cost of expensive leases to customers.

When it comes to bandwidth, fibre optic connectivity is king and the Greater Montreal Region is one of the most fibre-friendly cities in the world. Most major providers here offer great prices for bandwidth and presence. The fact that most Montreal-based data centers have opted for Internet provider neutrality enables them to fully leverage competition and get the best possible pricing for their end users.

All in all, these distinct competitive advantages give Quebec’s data centers an edge over major US and European players. To learn more about how managed hosting and colocation services can benefit your company, visit


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