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Two hot IT trends that you should definitely know about
In today’s economy, competitive organizations are looking harder than ever for ways to increase productivity while lowering costs. The rapidly evolving world of IT has put forth some impressive solutions that simply weren’t available to business owners a while back. Here are two business-enhancing IT solutions that should definitely be on your radar as they may significantly benefit your company’s success and bottom line:

Cloud Computing:
A century ago, companies had to produce their own power. Once the electricity network came along, it became far more efficient and cost-effective to just plug into the grid.  A similar evolution is unfolding in IT. Individuals and organizations can now forgo purchasing and maintaining software and hardware (powering their own information activities) in favour of connecting to a cloud of tailored computing resources (plugging in).  

Take for example ZEROFAIL’s LiveDesktop service which has been called the very best in cloud computing, virtual office, remote desktop or managed services. For a low monthly fee, you can enjoy an ultra-fast, ultra-secure, turnkey hosted desktop solution that eliminates your need to buy and maintain hardware and software. Any internet-enabled device becomes your secure portal to an ultra-fast service hub that has all of your favourite applications, tools, files, emails and critical data.  With this handy virtual IT system, you can work from anywhere at any time using any laptop, desktop, notebook, thin client, smartphone, Blackberry, iPhone or other mobile devices. In essence, your productivity is never chained to any one machine or location.

LiveDesktop eliminates the costs and headaches associated with rapidly depreciating equipment and software and lets you enjoy the only parts of any IT infrastructure that have any real value: your data, applications and convenient access. For a low, flat monthly rate per user, you pay only for the value-producing benefits and applications you need.

By taking advantage of cloud computing and LiveDesktop, companies can increase productivity while saving up to 60% of the cost of owning a standard PC environment. Want more benefits? Extended hardware life. No need for expensive computers. Greater energy efficiency. Zero investment in servers. Saying goodbye to software purchases, licensing or upgrades forever. Never worrying about data loss. 100% uptime. Access to the most recent versions of the best software applications in virtually every area of business. Perennially lightning fast applications that never slow down, crash or need to reboot.

Amazon, Google, IBM and others have already embraced the revolution and it is no wonder that cloud computing is changing the face of the entire computing industry. To learn more about the advantages of cloud computing, visit

Fiber Optic Connectivity:
Many organizations still believe that they must choose between the latest DSL and cable technologies to connect to the internet and other business locations. The reality is that both technologies use a medium which is nearly obsolete. Telephone companies launched DSL as a spin-off of the network and infrastructure they already had in place. That unfortunately means that transmission of your DSL signals relies on a legacy of copper wires that can literally date back to the time of Alexander Graham Bell. Similarly, cable companies launched cable modems as a by-product of a network designed expressly to broadcast video signals.

When DSL and cable services were launched, companies around the world were not even close to using the Web as they do today. Now we regularly send massive amounts of data and bandwidth demands are increasing. Email has edged out phones as a primary form of communication. Web browsing is used daily for business transactions, research, analysis and more. As a result, the speed, precision and reliability of communications and data exchanges have become critical to business efficiency and success. This certainly explains the growing demand and excitement over fiber optic connectivity.

Fiber optic connectivity transmits communication signals as a beam of light via strands of glass wires as thin as a human hair. Not limited by distances, these speed-of-light transmissions allow the clear, instant exchange of data that is impossible to send through modems and wireless connections. At present, fiber optic connectivity is about 25 times faster than the fastest DSL and up to a million times faster than the fastest wireless access.

Unlike DSL or wireless solutions, signals transmitted through fiber optic connections can be carried forward without needing to be artificially strengthened or refreshed. They are immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and will never be corrupted by external signals, cables and equipment found in most business environments. The result is optimal clarity even when using the latest technologies such as converged voice, video and data services.

Whereas fiber optic costs were somewhat prohibitive a few years ago, they have dropped significantly and can be obtained for investments that are far outweighed by their resulting benefits. If your company can benefit from communicating faster, clearer, safer and more efficiently, fiber optic connectivity may be the advantage you’re looking for.  

ZEROFAIL’s FibrOptix division has been providing companies like yours with the latest in fiber optic technologies and solutions to ensure lightning fast, direct connections to the Internet and business locations around the world. Infinitely more secure than DSL and wireless solutions, FibrOptix connectivity is virtually impossible to tap into without detection. Ideal for confidential and even top-secret communications, our fiber optic connections are even immune to lightning strikes. For more information, we invite you to visit


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