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Profit Hot 50 recipient CEO Robert Gervais talks mentorship.

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Online Backup
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ZEROFAIL LiveDesktop is the premier hosted desktop solution
Hosted Desktop Solution
Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity
Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity
Complete Business Solutions

Complete Business Solutions

Online Backups Solution
Online Backups Solution

ZEROFAIL  »  About Zerofail's Business Solutions Don't know where to begin? Try ZEROFAIL SMARTSCAN

Superior solutions for better business
Recognized as one of the most reliable Outsourced Infrastructure and Hosting Solutions companies in the industry, ZEROFAIL has been providing exceptional service and 24/7
support to thousands of clients worldwide since 2000. A proven performer across a wide array of industries.

ZEROFAIL is the provider of choice for such organizations as:
Air Canada, Sprint, National Department of Defence, Rogers Communications Canada, Le Château, Subway Restaurants Canada, Aspex Group, Mad Science,
Ernst & Young, Days Inn Hotels - and many more.
Based in Montreal, Toronto and New York, ZeroFail’s business solutions: Hosted Desktop, Fiber Optics, Hosting, and Online Backup are offered through its four market-leading divisions:
ZEROFAIL LiveDesktop is the premier hosted desktop solution Fiber Optic Networks Complete Business Solutions Online Backup Solution


Achieve peak performance and sustainable advantages
Succeeding in business today means getting the most out of every advantage and opportunity. Competition is fierce, budgets are tight, customers expect more and technology and markets are in a state of constant evolution. When it comes to IT, you simply can’t afford the costs, headaches and distractions of systems that create frustrations instead of seamlessly supporting and driving your core business.
The fact is that most companies like yours are not well served by their IT vendors. Too many providers sell traditional IT solutions that are rife with inherent limitations, shortcomings and issues waiting to happen. While they profit from maintenance packages and repeated service calls, you’re left paying for problems instead of advantages.
At ZeroFail, we understand that definitively solving customer problems is what 99% of all business products and services are about. Our business model, divisions and award-winning solutions were designed by demand: defined and built expressly to service mid-to-large companies and the enterprises that serve them. Our industry leadership is due to repeat and referral business powered by proven solutions, dependable services, 100% uptime and a consistent ability to do it right the first time.
When your IT is mission-critical, it is pivotal to your success and ours. If you want a provider with a vested interest in optimizing your business performance today and tomorrow, choose ZEROFAIL and experience a level of service and satisfaction that is simply beyond the reach of our competitors.


Leadership Team | close up view
Robert Gervais,
President & CEO
Nicolas Rainville,
Vice-President & CTO
Stéphane Auger,
Vice-President, Managed Services
P. André Gervais,
Advisory member and Shareholder
Doug Elie,
Advisory member and Shareholder
Henri Côté,
Advisory member and Shareholder
Brian Edgar,
Advisory member and Shareholder

Robert Gervais | President & CEO
Leadership:Outsourced Infrastructure and Hosting Solutions Remote office Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award nominee Robert Gervais has strategically grown ZEROFAIL into one of Canada’s premier providers of Outsourced Infrastructure and Hosting Solutions. Robert oversees all divisional operations, strategic direction, financing, sales, business development and administration. Prior to founding ZeroFail, he was President and CEO of Rightime Productions Inc., a film and television production company that developed and directed more than 10 productions, including the award-winning, critically acclaimed documentary Jackie Robinson: A Season Of Change. Robert’s career experience also includes co-founding two private sales businesses, overseeing the development of an international public relations campaign at the Schneider Group (in Grenoble, France) and serving as a financial advisor for an investment bank. Robert was also a professor of International Business and Strategy for five years at the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) where he earned the Distinguished Teaching Award as an outstanding professor in the Commerce and Administration Department.

Robert Gervais sits on the boards of EQUITAS, Axion Technologies Inc., the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Geordie Theatre, and the Westmount Ville-Marie Conservative party. He is also the Vice President of the International Association of Microsoft Partners (SMB Eastern Canada) and a regularly featured expert for Radio-Canada, RDI, The Gazette, Les Affaires, Profit Magazine and the National Post. Robert holds a BFA and an MBA from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.




3445 Du Parc
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2H6
T: 514.848.9198
276 King Street West
Suite 103
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1J2
T: 416.800.4209
405 Lexington Avenue
25th Floor
New York, NY
T: 212-796-5853
Monday to friday between the hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm EST.
Toll free: 1.888.460.3245

Experience the ZEROFAIL advantage today.

Winner of Microsoft's prestigious
IMPACT Award for "Best Networking
Infrastructure of the Year"

Twice recognized by PROFIT magazine's
HOT 50 list as one of Canada's
top emerging growth companies.

Microsoft Certified Hosted Desktop Impact Award
Profit Award
ZEROFAIL is a trademark of Pre2Post Inc.